Shruti Sharma Supports Sharmin Segal Amid Criticism Over ‘Heeramandi’ Role: Calls Backlash ‘Mental Harassment’

Sharmin Segal’s Heeramandi co-star backs her amid social media criticism.

Sharmin Segal’s recent involvement in the much-anticipated Netflix series Heeramandi has been a focal point of discussion, drawing criticism and mixed reactions from audiences. Amid this backdrop, Segal’s co-star Shruti Sharma has come out in support of her, defending her against the backlash she has faced. Sharma believes that the criticism is not only unjust but can be akin to mental harassment for Segal.

The origins of the controversy lie in the production of Heeramandi, which is a high-profile collaboration between some of Bollywood’s top talents. The show, helmed by acclaimed director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, boasts a stellar cast, including Segal and Sharma. The series is set in pre-independence India and revolves around the lives of courtesans in the famed district of Heeramandi. This period drama dives deep into the intricacies of their relationships, their struggles, and their quest for survival in a society that is rapidly evolving.

Despite the show’s promising premise and Bhansali’s reputation for grand storytelling, Segal has been at the center of criticism, primarily focused on her casting and performance. However, Sharma, who plays a key role in the series, has expressed strong support for Segal. She argues that the scrutiny directed towards her co-star is unfair and unfounded, emphasizing that the show is a collective effort that involves many aspects beyond just one actor’s performance.

In Sharma’s view, such targeted criticism can take a toll on an individual’s mental health, especially when it lacks constructive feedback. She urges viewers and critics alike to understand the challenges actors face in bringing complex characters to life. The immense pressure of living up to audience expectations, particularly in a high-profile project, can be daunting.

Sharma’s support of Segal extends to a call for a more balanced and respectful approach to critiquing performances. She highlights the importance of recognizing the dedication and hard work that actors put into their roles and hopes for more understanding from audiences. By rallying around Segal, Sharma sets an example of solidarity within the cast and crew, aiming to foster a positive environment for everyone involved in the project.

The defense from Shruti Sharma is a reminder of the larger issue facing many actors in the industry—dealing with the pressures and often harsh criticisms that come with their work. As the industry navigates these challenges, it is crucial for both peers and audiences to support each other, recognizing the human element behind the art.

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