आज केजरीवाल और AAP नेताओं के साथ बीजेपी मुख्यालय जाएंगे, ट्रैफिक डायवर्ट के चलते मेट्रो स्टेशन पर भी हो सकता है असर

Today, the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal along with AAP leaders will be visiting the BJP headquarters in an attempt to end the ongoing tussle between the two parties. This visit has caused a lot of chaos and disruption on several roads in the capital city. The traffic diversions have also affected the metro stations in the nearby areas.

The tensions between the AAP and the BJP started back in 2015 when the AAP won a historic mandate in the Delhi Assembly Elections. Since then, there has been a constant power struggle between the two parties. The central government, controlled by the BJP, has been accused of trying to undermine the AAP government’s authority by not cooperating with it.

In 2019, the tensions between the two parties reached its peak when a scuffle broke out between AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal and the Delhi Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash. Following this incident, several AAP leaders were arrested by the Delhi Police on charges of assaulting the Chief Secretary.

This incident led to a complete breakdown of communication between the two parties. The AAP government accused the BJP of trying to destabilize the Delhi government to gain control over the state. The BJP, on the other hand, accused the AAP of corruption and misgovernance.

However, in recent months, both parties have shown signs of reconciliation. The Delhi government has extended an olive branch to the BJP, inviting them for discussions on issues such as the pollution crisis and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The visit to the BJP headquarters is being seen as a positive step towards ending the animosity between the two parties. However, it remains to be seen if this visit will lead to any concrete results or if it will just be another photo-op.

Meanwhile, the traffic diversions and disruptions caused by this visit have inconvenienced the people of Delhi. The police have advised commuters to take alternative routes to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

In conclusion, the visit of AAP leaders to the BJP headquarters marks a significant development in the ongoing tussle between the two parties. While it is a positive step towards reconciliation, it remains to be seen how this visit will pan out in the long run. The people of Delhi will have to bear with the traffic disruptions caused by this visit, but it is hoped that this inconvenience will be worth it if it leads to a peaceful resolution of the conflict between the AAP and the BJP.

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