Virat Kohli Backed Go Digit IPO Allotment Status: StepByStep Guide To Check Online On BSE


Virat Kohli-backed Go Digit IPO Latest GMP Step-By-Step Guide to Check Allotment Status Online on BSE

Go Digit General Insurance, backed by Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli, is all set to launch its initial public offering (IPO) soon. The IPO has generated a lot of interest among investors, and many are eagerly awaiting the allotment status. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide to check the Go Digit IPO allotment status online on the BSE website.

History of Go Digit General Insurance
Go Digit General Insurance is a leading general insurance company in India that offers a wide range of insurance products, including health, motor, travel, and home insurance. The company was founded in 2016 and has quickly gained a reputation for its innovative products and customer-centric approach. Go Digit is known for its digital-first strategy and seamless customer experience, which has helped it become one of the fastest-growing general insurance companies in the country.

The company is backed by some prominent investors, including Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian cricket team. Kohli’s association with Go Digit has brought a lot of attention to the company and its upcoming IPO.

Go Digit IPO
The Go Digit IPO is set to hit the market soon, and it has already generated a lot of buzz among investors. The IPO will provide an opportunity for investors to own a stake in one of the leading general insurance companies in India and capitalize on the growing demand for insurance products in the country.

Step-by-Step Guide to Check Allotment Status
Once the Go Digit IPO is oversubscribed, the company will start the process of allotting shares to investors. To check the allotment status online, investors can follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the official website of the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).
2. Navigate to the ‘Investors’ section and click on ‘IPO Allotment Status.’
3. Select the ‘Go Digit General Insurance Company Limited’ from the dropdown menu.
4. Enter your application number and PAN card details.
5. Click on ‘Submit’ to view the allotment status.

Investors can also check the allotment status through the registrar’s website or by contacting their respective brokerage firms.

The Go Digit IPO has garnered a lot of attention, and investors are eagerly waiting for the allotment status. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, investors can easily check the allotment status online on the BSE website. As the company prepares for its public debut, all eyes are on the performance of the IPO and the future prospects of Go Digit General Insurance.

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