Father of Pune teen Porsche driver arrested, accused to be treated as adult: Cops

The teen ran his Porsche over a two-wheeler, killing a couple who were on it.

In a shocking turn of events, the father of a Pune teenager, who was caught driving a Porsche and subsequently involved in a hit-and-run case, has been arrested by the police. The authorities have now approached the court, urging them to treat the accused teenager as an adult in the legal proceedings. This incident has sparked outrage among the public, raising concerns about parental responsibility and the need for stricter laws for underage drivers.

The incident took place on a busy street in Pune, where the 16-year-old teenager was seen driving a Porsche car at a high speed. Eyewitnesses reported that he was driving recklessly and even ignored traffic signals. In a tragic turn of events, the teenager collided with a pedestrian and fled the scene without providing any assistance. The victim, identified as a 35-year-old man, suffered severe injuries and was rushed to the hospital, where he is currently undergoing treatment.

Following the incident, the police launched an investigation and managed to trace the vehicle back to the teenager’s father, who owns the Porsche. Shockingly, it was revealed that the teenager did not possess a valid driver’s license and had taken his father’s car without permission. The police apprehended the teenager and booked him under several charges, including rash driving and causing grievous hurt due to negligence. However, recognizing the severity of the crime, the police also arrested the father for allowing his underage son to drive the luxury car.

In a significant move, the police have now approached the court to treat the accused teenager as an adult during the legal proceedings. This decision has stirred a debate in society, as many believe that the teenager should be held accountable for his actions and face the consequences of his reckless behavior. The incident has also highlighted the need for stricter penalties for underage drivers and their parents who allow them to operate vehicles illegally.

This incident is not an isolated one, as there have been numerous cases in the past where underage drivers have caused accidents due to their lack of experience and maturity. Such incidents call for a comprehensive approach to address the issue. It is essential to educate young individuals about responsible driving and enforce stricter regulations to deter them from indulging in such dangerous activities. Additionally, parents must take a proactive role in monitoring their children’s activities and ensuring that they adhere to traffic rules and regulations.

The arrest of the teenager’s father serves as a grim reminder that parents cannot evade their responsibilities when it comes to their children’s actions. It is crucial for parents to instill values of discipline and accountability in their children from a young age. By doing so, they can help prevent such unfortunate incidents and protect both their children and society at large.

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