Hassan sex abuse case: Karnataka Home Minister awaits Centre’s response on request to cancel Prajwal’s diplomatic passport

JD(S) MP Prajwal Revanna has been absconding since the sex abuse allegations came to light. (File Photo)

The Hassan sex abuse case has taken a new turn as the Centre is yet to respond to the Karnataka Home Minister’s request to cancel Prajwal’s diplomatic passport. This development has raised concerns and questions about the delay in taking necessary action in such a serious matter.

The case revolves around allegations of sexual abuse against Prajwal, a prominent political figure from Hassan, Karnataka. The incident came to light when a victim filed a complaint against him, accusing Prajwal of sexually assaulting her multiple times. The victim’s courage to speak up against a powerful politician has sparked outrage and demands for justice.

In response to the allegations, the Karnataka Home Minister took swift action, urging the Centre to cancel Prajwal’s diplomatic passport. A diplomatic passport grants certain privileges and immunities to individuals representing their country abroad. However, the request to cancel Prajwal’s passport seems to have hit a roadblock as the Centre is yet to provide a response.

The delay in the Centre’s response has raised eyebrows and led to speculation about the reasons behind it. Critics argue that the delay may indicate a lack of seriousness in addressing the issue or even potential interference in the investigation. The public has expressed their disappointment and frustration with the slow progress in ensuring justice for the victim.

This case is not the first instance where political influence and power have been alleged to hinder justice. In many similar cases, there have been allegations of influential individuals using their position to evade punishment and manipulate the legal process. Such incidents undermine the credibility of the justice system and erode public trust.

It is crucial for the Centre to address the request promptly and transparently, considering the severity of the allegations. Delaying or avoiding action in cases involving sexual abuse sends a dangerous message that those in power can escape accountability. It is essential to uphold the principles of justice and ensure that all individuals, regardless of their status, are held accountable for their actions.

In conclusion, the Centre’s delay in responding to the Karnataka Home Minister’s request to cancel Prajwal’s diplomatic passport raises concerns about the commitment to justice in the Hassan sex abuse case. Swift and decisive action is needed to address the serious allegations and ensure that justice is served. The delay in this case further highlights the need for reforms to prevent influential individuals from evading punishment and manipulating the legal process. It is imperative for the authorities to prioritize the victim’s rights and restore public trust in the justice system.

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