Rajinikanth Grateful for UAE’s Golden Visa, Acknowledges Support from Yusuff Ali

Rajinikanth was earlier spotted riding a Rolls Royce with Yusuff.

Indian cinema icon Rajinikanth has been granted the UAE’s prestigious Golden Visa, a recognition of his contributions to the fields of arts, culture, and entertainment. The announcement was made on Tuesday, with Rajinikanth expressing his gratitude towards his good friend and businessman Yusuff Ali, who is the Chairman of Lulu Group International. In a statement, Rajinikanth said, I am deeply honored to receive the Golden Visa from the UAE government. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my dear friend Yusuff Ali for his support and guidance.

Rajinikanth’s Golden Visa comes as a recognition of his remarkable career in the film industry, spanning over four decades. He is known for his unique style, powerful screen presence, and memorable performances in a wide range of films. Rajinikanth’s popularity extends beyond India, with a massive fan following across the globe, including in the Middle East.

Yusuff Ali, who is a well-known figure in the business world, has been a close friend of Rajinikanth for many years. He is known for his philanthropic efforts and has been instrumental in supporting various social causes. Yusuff Ali’s support for Rajinikanth’s Golden Visa reflects the strong bond between the two and highlights the importance of friendship and support in the journey of success.

The UAE’s Golden Visa is a special residency permit that offers long-term residency to individuals who contribute significantly to the country’s economy and society. It is aimed at attracting talented individuals and professionals from around the world to contribute to the UAE’s growth and development. Rajinikanth joining the list of Golden Visa recipients underscores the global appeal of Indian cinema and the influence of its stars on an international scale.

In conclusion, Rajinikanth’s receipt of the UAE’s Golden Visa is a testament to his status as a global icon and his contributions to the world of entertainment. It also highlights the importance of friendship and support in achieving success. Rajinikanth’s fans have hailed this news as a proud moment and a well-deserved recognition of his outstanding career.

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