Cyclone Remal Causes Postponement of Kolkata Presidency Exams and Disruption of Train, Flight, and Metro Services


Cyclone Remal has wreaked havoc in Kolkata, leading to the postponement of Presidency University exams and affecting train, flight, and metro rail services. The cyclone, which made landfall in West Bengal on Friday, has caused widespread disruption and damage in the region.

The effects of Cyclone Remal have been felt across Kolkata, with the city experiencing heavy rainfall and strong winds. As a result, authorities have decided to postpone the ongoing exams at Presidency University, ensuring the safety of students and staff members. The university is closely monitoring the situation and will announce new dates for the exams once the weather conditions improve.

In addition to the academic impact, the cyclone has also disrupted transportation services in the city. Train and flight services have been severely affected, with several cancellations and delays reported. Passengers are advised to check with their respective airlines and railway authorities for updates on their travel plans. The metro rail network in Kolkata has also been impacted, with services being disrupted due to the adverse weather conditions.

Cyclones are not uncommon in the Bay of Bengal, with the region experiencing several such weather events each year. These storms can bring torrential rains, strong winds, and storm surges, causing widespread damage to infrastructure and posing a threat to public safety. As a result, authorities in coastal areas like Kolkata are always prepared to respond to such natural disasters, implementing measures to minimize the impact on the local population.

In light of the current situation, residents are urged to stay indoors and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety. It is important to follow the advice of local authorities and emergency services, as well as to keep abreast of the latest weather updates. By staying informed and taking appropriate action, individuals can help mitigate the impact of Cyclone Remal and ensure their well-being during this challenging time.

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