Cyclone Remal Live Updates: Landfall Begins, People Evacuated, PM Modi Reviews Preparation


Cyclone Remal Live Updates: Cyclone Remal has started making landfall, prompting authorities to evacuate people from the affected areas. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reviewed the preparation measures in place to deal with the cyclonic storm.

Cyclone Remal is a powerful tropical storm that has been building up strength over the past few days. It is expected to bring heavy rains, strong winds, and storm surges to the coastal regions where it makes landfall. The authorities have been closely monitoring the situation and taking necessary steps to ensure the safety of the residents in the path of the cyclone.

In anticipation of the cyclone’s impact, people living in low-lying areas and near the coast have been evacuated to safer locations. Relief and rescue teams have been deployed to assist those affected by the cyclone. The government has also set up temporary shelters and provided essential supplies to the evacuees.

Prime Minister Modi has directed all concerned departments to work in coordination and take proactive measures to mitigate the impact of Cyclone Remal. He has emphasized the need for timely evacuation, ensuring the safety of people, and minimizing damage to property.

The cyclone is expected to cause disruption to normal life and infrastructure in the affected areas. The authorities are on high alert and have urged the public to follow safety guidelines and stay indoors during the cyclone.

As Cyclone Remal continues to make landfall, it is essential for everyone to stay informed about the latest updates and adhere to the instructions given by the authorities. The safety and well-being of the residents are of utmost importance, and all efforts are being made to minimize the impact of the cyclone.

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