Hrithik Roshan and Sussane Khan Pose with Son Hrehaan at His Graduation Ceremony

It was a heartwarming moment for Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan as he beamed with pride while posing with his ex-wife Sussane Khan and their son Hrehaan at his graduation ceremony. The proud parents couldn’t contain their joy as they celebrated this significant milestone in their son’s life.

Hrithik Roshan, one of the most popular and talented actors in the Indian film industry, has always been known for his dedication towards his family. Despite his busy schedule and demanding career, he has always made it a point to be there for his two sons, Hrehaan and Hridhaan. His amicable relationship with ex-wife Sussane Khan is also well-known, and the two have always prioritized co-parenting and maintaining a healthy and supportive environment for their children.

Sussane Khan, an interior designer and entrepreneur, has also been actively involved in her sons’ lives and has always been by their side during important moments. The couple’s decision to pose together at their son’s graduation ceremony reflects their commitment to putting their children first and setting a positive example of co-parenting.

The proud parents shared the joyful moment on social media, with Hrithik Roshan posting a picture of the family together at the graduation ceremony. In the photo, Hrithik can be seen standing with his arm around Sussane, while their son Hrehaan stands between them, holding his graduation certificate. The smiling faces in the picture are a testament to the happiness and pride they felt in that moment.

The heartwarming gesture of the former couple coming together to celebrate their son’s achievement garnered praise and admiration from fans and followers. Many people lauded their mature and respectful approach to co-parenting and the importance they placed on being there for their children during important milestones.

As Hrehaan embarks on a new chapter in his life, his parents’ unwavering support and love will undoubtedly continue to guide and inspire him. The graduation ceremony was not just a celebration of academic achievement, but also a reaffirmation of the strong bond and unity within the Roshan-Khan family.

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