Janhvi Kapoor reveals Sridevi’s reluctance about her becoming an actress

Janhvi Kapoor visited the temple with relative Maheshwari Ayyappan.

Janhvi Kapoor, daughter of the late legendary actress Sridevi, recently opened up about her mother’s initial reluctance towards her pursuing a career in acting. In a candid interview, Janhvi revealed that her mother was not keen on her becoming an actress as she wanted her to have a more stable and secure profession. However, Janhvi asserted that her mother was a headstrong woman and would have ultimately supported her decision.

Sridevi, who was one of the most celebrated and iconic actresses in Indian cinema, had carved a niche for herself with her exceptional talent and versatile performances. Her sudden demise in 2018 left a void in the film industry and in the hearts of her fans. Janhvi, who made her debut in Bollywood with the film Dhadak in 2018, has often been compared to her mother due to her striking resemblance and acting prowess.

Despite coming from a family deeply rooted in the film industry, Sridevi had reservations about her daughter following in her footsteps. Janhvi acknowledged her mother’s concerns and stated that she initially agreed with her mother’s opinion. However, as she grew older, Janhvi realized her passion for acting and eventually mustered the courage to pursue her dreams.

In the interview, Janhvi shared that her mother’s support and approval meant a lot to her, and she wished she could have witnessed her journey in the film industry. She described Sridevi as a strong and independent woman who valued stability and security, which influenced her apprehensions about Janhvi entering the unpredictable world of acting.

Despite Sridevi’s initial apprehensions, Janhvi Kapoor has managed to make a mark in the film industry with her talent and dedication. She has won accolades for her performances and continues to prove herself as a promising young actress.

The bond between a mother and daughter is indeed special, and Janhvi’s revelation about her mother’s reservations sheds light on the complexities of their relationship. It also highlights the challenges faced by individuals who aspire to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, especially when it comes to gaining the approval of their loved ones.

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