Prajwal Revanna Apologizes to Parents and Admits Depression, Will Appear Before SIT


Prajwal Revanna, the son of former Karnataka Chief Minister H.D. Revanna, has issued a public apology to his parents in a fresh video, revealing that he has been struggling with depression. The 31-year-old politician, who is a member of the legislative assembly from the Hassan constituency, expressed regret for any pain or embarrassment he may have caused his family.

In the video, which was shared on social media, Revanna stated, I apologize to my parents, H.D. Revanna and Bhavani Revanna, for the pain I have caused them. I have been battling depression for some time now, and I want to seek their forgiveness for any hurt or embarrassment I may have brought upon them.

The young leader also mentioned that he has been undergoing treatment for his mental health issues and urged others who may be experiencing similar challenges to seek help. I am currently undergoing treatment for depression, and I want to encourage anyone else who is struggling to reach out for support. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and it’s okay to ask for help, he said.

Revanna’s public apology comes as he is scheduled to appear before the Special Investigation Team (SIT) in connection with a case related to the alleged misuse of government funds for COVID-19 management in Hassan district. The investigation has been ongoing, and Revanna has been cooperating with the authorities throughout the process.

The Revanna family has been a prominent political force in Karnataka, with H.D. Revanna serving as a Member of the Legislative Assembly for several terms and holding various ministerial positions. Prajwal Revanna’s entry into politics has been closely watched, and his public statement about his mental health struggles has generated significant attention and support from the public.

As the younger generation of leaders continues to navigate the complexities of public life, discussions around mental health and well-being are increasingly coming to the forefront. Prajwal Revanna’s willingness to speak openly about his experiences with depression may serve as a catalyst for greater awareness and understanding of mental health issues in the political arena and beyond.

As the situation develops, it is likely that there will be further conversations about the intersection of mental health and public life, as well as continued support for individuals who may be facing similar challenges.

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