Pune Crime Branch Recovers Rs 3 Lakh Given to Change Teens Blood Sample, Two Doctors Arrested

Cops arrested Dr Ajay Tawre, the head of the forensic lab at the state-run Sassoon hospital, in connection with the case (Image: News18)

In a shocking turn of events, the Pune Crime Branch has recovered Rs 3 lakh that was allegedly given to change the blood sample of a teenager involved in a Porsche crash. The incident took place in Pune, India, where a 19-year-old boy crashed a Porsche car resulting in the death of three people.

The police had collected the blood samples of the accused teenager to test for alcohol consumption at the time of the accident. However, it was later revealed that an attempt was made to tamper with the blood sample by two doctors who were allegedly offered a bribe of Rs 3 lakh to change the results.

After a thorough investigation, the Pune Crime Branch was able to recover the money that was given to the doctors in exchange for tampering with the blood sample. The two doctors involved in the case have been arrested for their alleged involvement in this criminal act.

This case has sparked widespread outrage and raised concerns about the integrity of the criminal justice system. The blatant attempt to manipulate evidence in a serious criminal case has shaken the public’s trust in the authorities responsible for upholding the law.

The incident has also brought to light the issue of corruption within the medical profession. The involvement of doctors in such criminal activities not only undermines the credibility of the healthcare industry but also puts innocent lives at risk.

The Pune Crime Branch is conducting a thorough investigation into the matter to ensure that all those involved in the crime are brought to justice. The police have also urged the public to come forward with any information related to the case to aid in the investigation.

The recovery of the bribe money and the subsequent arrests of the two doctors involved in the case serve as a stark reminder of the importance of upholding the principles of justice and integrity within the criminal justice system.

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