Two killed as cyclonic storm ravages parts of Bengal disruption continues

Uprooted trees following the landfall of Cyclone 'Remal', in South 24 Parganas district, on May 27, 2024.
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Two people have been reported dead as Cyclone Remal wreaked havoc in parts of West Bengal. The cyclonic storm caused widespread disruption, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The state has been grappling with the aftermath of the cyclone, which has brought heavy rains and strong winds, causing significant damage to property and infrastructure.

The cyclone made landfall in West Bengal on Thursday, bringing with it winds gusting up to 100 kilometers per hour. The storm also triggered heavy rainfall, leading to flooding in several areas. The two casualties were reported in the South 24 Parganas district, where a tree fell on a house, killing two individuals. The authorities have launched rescue and relief operations in the affected areas to provide assistance to those in need.

The cyclone has disrupted normal life in several districts of West Bengal, with power outages and communication breakdowns reported in many areas. The strong winds have uprooted trees and electric poles, blocking roads and causing damage to homes and other structures. The heavy rainfall has also led to waterlogging in low-lying areas, exacerbating the difficulties faced by residents.

The state government has been working tirelessly to restore normalcy in the affected regions, with teams deployed for clearing debris and restoring power supply. The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has also been involved in rescue and relief operations, assisting the local administration in mitigating the impact of the cyclone.

In addition to the immediate impact on infrastructure and livelihoods, the cyclone has also raised concerns about the potential spread of waterborne diseases in the aftermath of flooding. The authorities are closely monitoring the situation and have urged residents to take necessary precautions to prevent the outbreak of diseases.

Cyclone Remal has once again highlighted the vulnerability of coastal regions to natural disasters and the urgent need for robust disaster management and preparedness measures. As the state grapples with the aftermath of the cyclone, the focus is on providing relief to the affected communities and rebuilding the damaged infrastructure.

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