Sanjeev Sanyal: India Should Be Two Notches Above According to Rating Agencies

The Times of India

Sanjeev Sanyal, the Principal Economic Advisor to the Indian government, recently made a statement criticizing the rating agencies for being behind the curve in their assessment of India’s credit rating. Sanyal suggested that India should be rated two notches above its current rating, indicating that he believes the country’s economic strength and stability are not being accurately reflected by the rating agencies.

Sanyal’s comments come at a time when India’s economy has been facing challenges due to the global COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath. Despite these difficulties, Sanyal has expressed confidence in India’s ability to weather the storm and emerge stronger. He believes that India’s strong fundamentals and economic resilience should be recognized by the rating agencies, leading to a higher credit rating for the country.

India has long been considered one of the fastest-growing major economies in the world, with a large and diverse market, a growing middle class, and significant potential for development. However, the country has also faced challenges such as inflation, fiscal deficits, and a complex regulatory environment. Despite these challenges, India’s economy has continued to show resilience and potential for growth.

Sanyal’s assertion that India should be rated two notches above its current rating suggests that he believes the country’s economic performance and potential are not being fully acknowledged by the rating agencies. This is an important point, as credit ratings can have a significant impact on a country’s ability to attract investment and access international financial markets.

The debate over India’s credit rating is likely to continue, with Sanyal’s comments adding to the ongoing discussion about the country’s economic prospects. It remains to be seen whether the rating agencies will revise their assessments in light of Sanyal’s remarks, but his comments have certainly brought attention to the issue and raised important questions about the accuracy and relevance of credit ratings in the current global economic environment.

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