SpiceJet refutes KAL Airways and Kalanithi Marans claims regarding damages of ₹1323 crore stock down over 1%

SpiceJet, one of India’s leading low-cost airlines, has recently refuted claims made by KAL Airways and Kalanithi Maran regarding damages amounting to ₹1323 crore. The airline’s stock saw a decline of over 1% following this development.

The dispute between SpiceJet and KAL Airways dates back to 2015 when the latter, owned by Kalanithi Maran, approached the Delhi High Court alleging that the former’s board had failed to issue convertible warrants as per the terms of a contract. This contract was related to the transfer of ownership of the airline from Maran to Ajay Singh, the current chairman and managing director of SpiceJet.

In response to the recent claims made by KAL Airways and Kalanithi Maran, SpiceJet has firmly refuted the allegations. The airline has stated that it has complied with all necessary regulations and has also fulfilled its obligations under the aforementioned contract. SpiceJet has further emphasized that it will vigorously defend itself against these claims and is confident in its legal position.

This development has led to a slight downturn in SpiceJet’s stock, with the airline’s shares falling by over 1%. Investors and stakeholders are closely monitoring the situation as it unfolds, and the airline’s response to the claims made by KAL Airways and Kalanithi Maran will be pivotal in determining the future trajectory of this dispute.

SpiceJet has been a prominent player in India’s aviation industry, known for its affordable fares and extensive domestic and international network. The airline has faced various challenges in the past, including financial woes and intense competition, but has managed to navigate through them and maintain its position in the market.

As the dispute between SpiceJet and KAL Airways continues to unfold, industry experts are closely observing the developments and their potential impact on the airline’s operations and financial standing. It remains to be seen how the legal proceedings will progress and what the eventual outcome of this dispute will be.

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