Temperature in Delhi did not hit record 523 degrees C, says minister

A woman covers herself from heat. (Express Photo by Gajendra Yadav/File)

The news of Delhi’s temperature hitting a record 523 degrees Celsius has shocked many, but the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has quickly come out to refute this claim. According to the IMD, it is very unlikely for the temperature in Delhi to reach such an extreme level, and they are currently working to verify the accuracy of these reports. The Minister of Earth Sciences, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, also stated that this claim is highly improbable and should be taken with a grain of salt until further investigation is conducted.

The extreme heatwave that has been sweeping across various parts of India has already caused much concern, with temperatures soaring well above normal levels. However, the reported temperature of 523 degrees Celsius in Delhi is beyond anything ever recorded in human history. Such a high temperature would be catastrophic and could have devastating effects on the environment and human life. It is for this reason that the IMD is taking this matter seriously and is working to confirm the accuracy of these reports.

The history of extreme temperatures in Delhi dates back many years, with the region experiencing scorching hot summers and mild winters. The city is known for its extreme weather conditions, with temperatures often reaching over 40 degrees Celsius during the summer months. However, the reported temperature of 523 degrees is unprecedented and has raised serious concerns among experts and the general public alike.

If the reports of such a high temperature are proven to be false, it could have serious implications for the credibility of the sources that initially shared this information. In this age of misinformation and fake news, it is crucial that any claims of extreme weather events are thoroughly investigated and verified before being disseminated to the public. The IMD’s efforts to verify the accuracy of these reports are therefore commendable and necessary to ensure the dissemination of accurate and reliable information.

In conclusion, the claim that the temperature in Delhi hit a record 523 degrees Celsius is highly unlikely, according to the IMD and the Minister of Earth Sciences. The extreme nature of this reported temperature has raised serious concerns, and the IMD is currently working to verify its accuracy. As we await further updates on this matter, it is important to remember the significance of confirming the validity of such extreme weather claims to prevent the spread of misinformation.

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