Instant Hotspot feature not available on Samsung devices

In a recent announcement, Google confirmed that its new Instant Hotspot feature will not be available on Samsung devices. This new feature, which is part of the Android 12 update, allows users to quickly and easily share their Wi-Fi connection with nearby friends and family members.

This news comes as a disappointment to many Samsung users who were looking forward to taking advantage of this convenient feature. Instant Hotspot has been touted as a game-changer for Android users, allowing them to seamlessly share their Wi-Fi connection without the need for passwords or complicated setup procedures.

The decision to exclude Samsung devices from the Instant Hotspot feature is likely due to technical limitations and compatibility issues. While Google has not provided specific details on why Instant Hotspot will not be available on Samsung devices, it’s possible that there are differences in the way Samsung handles Wi-Fi connections that make it challenging to implement the feature across all of their devices.

It’s worth noting that Instant Hotspot is just one of many new features included in the Android 12 update. This latest version of the operating system also introduces improvements to privacy and security, as well as a refreshed design and enhanced performance.

While Samsung users may be disappointed by the absence of Instant Hotspot on their devices, they can still take advantage of other methods for sharing their Wi-Fi connection, such as using the standard Wi-Fi hotspot feature or third-party apps.

In conclusion, the exclusion of Samsung devices from the Instant Hotspot feature in Android 12 is a setback for Samsung users who were looking forward to this convenient new feature. However, with the continued evolution of technology, it’s possible that future updates or developments may address the compatibility issues that have prevented Instant Hotspot from being available on Samsung devices.

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