Jitendra Kumar Talks Exiting Panchayat Director Role, Neena Gupta Reflects on Season 3


In a surprising turn of events, Jitendra Kumar, the talented actor known for his role as the endearing protagonist in the hit series Panchayat, has announced his departure from the directorial helm for its fourth season. The news comes as a shock to fans who have grown accustomed to Kumar’s multifaceted contributions to the show, both on and off-screen.

Panchayat, a critically acclaimed Amazon Prime Video original series, has enjoyed immense success since its debut, garnering praise for its authentic portrayal of rural India and its nuanced characters. Kumar, who not only portrayed the character of Abhishek Tripathi but also directed several episodes of the series, played a pivotal role in shaping its narrative identity.

Kumar’s decision to step down as the director for the upcoming season marks a significant shift in the show’s creative direction. While details surrounding his departure remain scarce, speculations abound regarding the reasons behind this unexpected development. Some suggest that Kumar may be looking to explore new creative ventures, while others speculate on potential conflicts in scheduling or creative differences.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Kumar’s departure, fans of Panchayat remain optimistic about the show’s future. With its strong ensemble cast led by the venerable Neena Gupta, who portrays the formidable Panchayat head, the series has captivated audiences with its blend of humor, drama, and social commentary.

In a recent interview with Neena Gupta, she shared her insights on the evolution of her character and the impact of the series on viewers. Gupta’s portrayal of the matriarchal figure in the village panchayat has earned widespread acclaim for its depth and authenticity, further cementing her status as one of India’s most versatile actors.

As the show prepares to enter its third season, anticipation runs high among fans eager to see how the story unfolds. While Kumar’s absence from the director’s chair may leave a void, the resilience of the show’s creative team and the enduring appeal of its premise bode well for its continued success.

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