Samir Modi Accuses Mother Bina Modi of Orchestrating Attack Amid Family

In a shocking turn of events, Godfrey Phillips executive director Samir Modi has accused his own mother, Bina Modi, of orchestrating an attack amid their ongoing family feud. The Modi family, one of India’s wealthiest and most influential business families, has been embroiled in a bitter battle over control of their multi-billion dollar empire for years.

The latest development comes after Samir Modi was reportedly attacked by a group of men outside his residence in Mumbai. In a statement to the media, Samir Modi alleged that his mother, Bina Modi, was behind the attack and had hired goons to intimidate him. He also claimed that she has been trying to take control of the family business and assets illegally.

The Modi family feud dates back to the death of patriarch K.K. Modi in 2019, who left behind a vast business empire worth billions of dollars. Since his passing, his widow, Bina Modi, and their three sons – Samir, Lalit, and Gautam – have been embroiled in a bitter legal battle over the control of the family assets.

The conflict has played out in courtrooms and boardrooms, with each side accusing the other of financial impropriety and manipulation. The latest accusation from Samir Modi against his own mother adds a new dimension to the already complex family drama.

Bina Modi has denied the allegations made by her son, calling them baseless and defamatory. She has accused Samir of trying to malign her reputation and tarnish the family name for his own personal gain. The ongoing feud within the Modi family has caused ripples in the business community and raised questions about succession planning and corporate governance in Indian family businesses.

As the legal battle between the Modi family members rages on, the future of their vast business empire hangs in the balance. The accusations and counter-accusations flying between the family members have only served to deepen the rift and further complicate the already messy situation. It remains to be seen how the courts will adjudicate the matter and what the ultimate outcome will be for the Modi family and their business interests.

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