India Bloc Presents 7 Demands to EC Prior to Lok Sabha Result Announcement


The India-BLOC (India Ballot Integrity and Compliance) has recently put forth seven key demands before the Election Commission (EC) ahead of the Lok Sabha election results. The demands come in light of the upcoming counting of postal ballots, which are expected to play a crucial role in determining the outcome of the election.

The India-BLOC is a coalition of organizations and individuals who are committed to ensuring the integrity and compliance of the electoral process in India. The coalition has been actively involved in advocating for electoral reforms and transparency in the electoral process.

The seven demands put forth by the India-BLOC include the following:

1. Counting of postal ballots first: The India-BLOC has demanded that the postal ballots be counted first, before the electronic voting machines (EVMs) are tallied. This, the coalition argues, will help ensure transparency and prevent any manipulation or tampering of the results.

2. Video recording of the counting process: The India-BLOC has called for the video recording of the entire counting process to be made available to the public. This, the coalition believes, will help ensure accountability and prevent any malpractices during the counting process.

3. Independent observers: The India-BLOC has demanded the presence of independent observers from civil society organizations and international bodies to oversee the counting process and ensure its fairness and impartiality.

4. Transparency in result declaration: The coalition has urged the EC to ensure transparency in the declaration of results and make all relevant information accessible to the public.

5. Compliance with COVID-19 protocols: The India-BLOC has emphasized the need for strict adherence to COVID-19 protocols during the counting process to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

6. Swift action against violations: The coalition has called for swift and stringent action against any violations of electoral laws and regulations during the counting process.

7. Accessibility for persons with disabilities: The India-BLOC has stressed the importance of ensuring accessibility for persons with disabilities during the counting process, including the provision of necessary facilities and assistance.

These demands come at a critical juncture as India awaits the results of the Lok Sabha election. The India-BLOC’s efforts to ensure the integrity and compliance of the electoral process are commendable and reflect the commitment of civil society in upholding democratic values.

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