Farida Jalal comes out in defense of Heeramandi costar amid trolling

Farid Jalal and Sharmin Segal on thesets of Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar. (Photo: Sharmin Segal/ Instagram)

Veteran actress Farida Jalal recently came out in defense of her Heeramandi co-star Sharmin Segal amid online trolling. The backlash against Segal began after she shared some behind-the-scenes pictures from the upcoming series, which sparked negative comments and criticism from social media users. However, Jalal stood up for her colleague, suggesting that perhaps Segal’s capacity to handle such negativity is what sets her apart.

Farida Jalal’s comments shed light on the challenges that actors often face in the digital age, where online trolling and criticism have become rampant. Despite their years of experience in the industry, even seasoned professionals like Jalal and Segal are not immune to the harsh realities of social media scrutiny. Jalal’s defense of Segal highlights the importance of supporting and standing up for each other in the face of online bullying.

Heeramandi, the upcoming series in which Segal and Jalal are set to star, has been generating buzz for its unique storyline and talented cast. The show, which is set in the heart of Lahore’s red-light district, explores the lives of courtesans and the challenges they face in a patriarchal society. With a powerhouse cast that includes Jalal, Segal, and other renowned actors, Heeramandi is poised to make a strong impact on audiences.

The controversy surrounding Sharmin Segal’s online trolling serves as a reminder of the need for empathy and understanding in the entertainment industry. As actors continue to navigate the complexities of fame and public scrutiny, it is crucial for fellow industry members to offer support and solidarity. Farida Jalal’s defense of her co-star is a testament to the bond that can develop between colleagues in the face of adversity.

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