iOS 18 iPhone Update Timeline: Beta and General Release Dates

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaking during the WWDC 2024 event in Cupertino, California, US. (Express Image/AP/PTI)

The release of a new iOS update is always an exciting time for iPhone users, as it brings with it a host of new features and improvements to the operating system. With the release of iOS 15 earlier this year, many are already looking ahead to the next major update, iOS 18.

In general, Apple releases beta versions of its iOS updates to developers and public beta testers several months before the official release. This allows them to test the new features and provide feedback to Apple, helping to ensure that the final release is as stable and bug-free as possible.

The timeline for the release of beta versions of iOS 18 is likely to follow a similar pattern to previous releases. Typically, Apple announces the new version of iOS at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, and releases the first beta version to developers shortly thereafter. The public beta version is usually made available a few weeks later, allowing anyone who is interested to try out the new features and provide feedback.

After several beta versions have been released and any issues have been addressed, Apple typically releases the final version of the update to the general public in September, alongside the launch of the new iPhone models. This has been the pattern for the past several years, and it is likely that iOS 18 will follow a similar timeline.

In terms of specific dates, it is difficult to predict exactly when each beta version of iOS 18 will be released, as Apple’s schedule can vary from year to year. However, based on past releases, it is likely that the first beta version will be released in June, with subsequent beta versions following at regular intervals throughout the summer.

As we look forward to the release of iOS 18, it’s worth noting that Apple is known for keeping its plans under wraps until the official announcement. However, based on previous patterns, we can expect to see the first beta version of iOS 18 in the coming months, with the final release likely to come in September.

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