PM Modi meets 14 world leaders at G7 Summit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently attended the G7 Summit, where he engaged in a series of high-profile meetings with global leaders. Among them were Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and U.S. President Joe Biden. These discussions covered a range of topics, from geostrategic issues to bilateral trade agreements.

With Justin Trudeau, PM Modi focused on enhancing bilateral relations between India and Canada. The two leaders discussed ways to bolster economic ties, particularly in sectors like technology and renewable energy. They also talked about the Indian diaspora in Canada and how it serves as a bridge between the two nations. Issues related to climate change and sustainable development were also key points of discussion.

In his meeting with Rishi Sunak, PM Modi delved into the historical ties between India and the United Kingdom. Both leaders emphasized the need for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) to boost economic growth. They also discussed cooperation in defense, cybersecurity, and education. The conversation underscored the mutual interest in deepening their strategic partnership, especially post-Brexit.

PM Modi’s conversation with Joe Biden was particularly significant, given India’s and the United States’ shared democratic values and strategic interests. The leaders discussed various aspects of the Indo-Pacific region, highlighting the importance of maintaining a free and open maritime domain. They also touched upon defense cooperation, aiming to enhance military-to-military engagements. Health initiatives, including vaccine distribution and pandemic preparedness, were also part of the dialogue.

In addition to these three key meetings, PM Modi met with other influential leaders such as Emmanuel Macron of France, Fumio Kishida of Japan, and Olaf Scholz of Germany. Each of these discussions aimed to strengthen bilateral relationships and address global challenges collectively. Topics ranged from climate action to technological innovation and security collaborations.

The G7 Summit served as a platform for PM Modi to reinforce India’s role on the global stage. By engaging with these leaders, he aimed to foster stronger international alliances and work towards solutions to pressing global issues. The meetings highlighted India’s growing influence and its commitment to working collaboratively with other nations.

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