NEET Controversy: 25-minute SBI Canara Bank Confusion in Haryana Affects 24 Lakh Students

New Delhi: Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan speaks to the media over the NEET issue, in New Delhi.
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The recent controversy surrounding the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) examination has left 24 lakh students across the country in a state of confusion and anxiety. The root of this issue can be traced back to a 25-minute State Bank of India (SBI) Canara Bank confusion in Haryana.

The SBI Canara Bank confusion occurred when the State Bank of India mistakenly transferred funds to Canara Bank, leading to a delay in issuing NEET exam fees to the National Testing Agency (NTA). This delay resulted in the NTA extending the deadline for NEET exam fees payment, causing confusion among students who were unsure whether they should pay the fees or wait for further instructions.

As a result of this confusion, many students missed the extended deadline for NEET exam fees payment, leaving them in a precarious situation. The NTA, in response to the outcry from students and parents, decided to reopen the NEET application portal for a limited period, allowing those who missed the deadline to pay their fees and complete the application process.

However, this move by the NTA has sparked further controversy, with many questioning the fairness of allowing some students to pay their fees after the deadline while others had to adhere to the original deadline. The uncertainty surrounding the NEET examination has left students feeling stressed and uncertain about their future.

This incident highlights the importance of proper coordination and communication between banking institutions and examination authorities to prevent such confusion in the future. Students preparing for competitive exams like NEET already face immense pressure and stress, and such administrative errors only add to their burden.

In conclusion, the SBI Canara Bank confusion in Haryana may have lasted just 25 minutes, but its ripple effects have been felt by 24 lakh NEET aspirants across the country. Moving forward, it is crucial for all stakeholders involved in conducting competitive examinations to ensure smooth and transparent processes to avoid unnecessary controversies that could potentially impact the future of thousands of students.

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